Chairman's Profile


1. Major General Moin Uddin has joined Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) as Chairman on 24 October 2011. He was born in 1961 in Feni District. After completion of BSc Engineering Degree (Electrical & Electronic Engineering-EEE) from BUET he joined the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Bangladesh Army and got commission as Lieutenant on 09 February 1983. He did his MSc Engineering Degree (Electrical & Electronics - Power)  from  BUET.

2.He served in many Army units in various Command, Staff and instructional appointments at various capacities. He commended two Army units as Major and Colonel respectively. He served as Instructor in EME Centre & School and Military Institute of Science & Technology (MIST), Mirpur Cantonment. He was promoted to the rank of Major General on 29 November 2015.

3.He participated in peace keeping operations as peace keepers in United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM) in 1994-95 and United Nations Observation Mission in Congo (MONUC) in 2005-2006.

4.He was awarded with the Chief of Army Staff’s (CAS) commendation for technical innovation activity in the year 2000. Using own technology and professional skillness three obsolete tanks (T-62) were converted to Self Propelled (SP) gun, Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and Armored Personnel Carrier (APO)  under his direct planning and supervision while serving in (EME Centre & School, Saidpur Cantonment) as an instructor.

5.He was the Head of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE) Department and served as Dean of Military Institute of Science & Technology (MIST).

6.Major General Moin Uddin  visited China, Hongkong, Thailand, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Japan, Liberia, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, UAE, Ghana, Russia, Singapore, Netherland & USA as part of his professional activities.

7.He is married and father of two daughters.

8.Since 24 October 2011 he is serving in Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) till today as chairman of the board. He is also performing as chairman Rural Power Company Ltd (RPCL) and BPDB-RPCL Powerzen Ltd.  

Major General Moin Uddin
Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board


I was a student at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and passed the degree of MSc BUET is our pride. It plays a multidimensional role in the development of Bangladesh. Wherever we look at engineering advancement we can see there is BUET’S involvement with its students. The students of BUET have hands in power, mineral resources, roads bridges, culverts, buildings, schools, colleges, offices and other infrastructural and structural developments. BUET graduates have special contributions to the development of power mineral resources, water and in different other sensitive areas of engineering and technological advancements, Besides, whenever the nation or the administration faces any difficulty in finding out solutions to any sensitive or emerging technical issues, the BUET is offered  to give the opinion or the solution. In different ways, the roles and contributions of BUET in Bangladesh are highly notable. It has been possible only due to our engineering skills. Most of the engineers working in the power and IT sectors are the students of the Faculty of EEE. So the role and contribution of this faculty as well as its students in these sectors are very significant.

If I speak of power sector, I can say most of the engineers and the chairman of BPDB/ BREB/DESCO are from the students of BUET. Electricity is the prime-mover of all developments. Whatever development we have achieved in this sector is the output of BUET engineers.

Even, in mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer and in other fields, BUET graduates are contributing remarkably. BUET engineers are playing a leading role in every sector of field in Bangladesh. Today the number of BUET graduates are spread across the world and even in many developed countries of the world, BUET students are playing a role in their developments and engineering and technological education. Nowadays in Bangladesh there are a number of engineering and technological universities in both public and private sectors. They are also producing engineering graduates. By this time, CUET, RUET, KUET and DUET students are also currently making some notable contributions to the development of Bangladesh.

However, today to make the engineering and technology education more pragmatic  knowledge on English, Bengali, Social Science, Economics, Management and Accounting is very essential. Without knowledge on these subjects, proper planning and implementation of any project is very tough. BUET is already teaching all these subjects. But, more emphasis should be placed on all these subjects so that a technical graduate can be an all rounder to properly handle his job as both an engineer and a boss. When Bangladesh is emerging as a tiger in South Asia, we shall require supplying more power and energy to implement this slogan in real sense of success. I hope the EEE Faculty of BUET will have a vigorous role in this regard.